LinPro Program for static and dynamic analysis of plane frames

Get source code following these steps:
Install Eclipse
Get copy of source code
Get source code from following these steps:

On the Eclipse main menu click on Window Show View Other
Select Git Git Repositories and click OK

In the Eclipse main window new view is open.
Eclipse can use data from clipboard to fill into the following dialog window so copy the following line into clipboard


Click on Clone a Git repository.

Dialog window that is open should be filled with correct data.

Click Next. In the following window branch master should be selected, click Next again.

In the following window you may replace directory name code with jlinpro-code. Select Import all existing projects after clone finishes and click Finish.

After download of source files, open view Package Explorer . You should have your own working copy of project jlinpro

Compile and run application

In Package Explorer view (be careful: NOT in Git Repositories) expand main project tree, expand src tree, expand package main
Click with right mouse click on file and click on Run As Java Application

If everything worked well, you should see main application window.

Open file mydata/dyn_example1.lscr by selecting it in combobox with list of files and click on button Run Dynamic

If you get response time history diagram calculation is successful.

If you are new with Eclipse

Command glossary

Get jlinpro command glossary here:
 PDF  jlinpro-command-glossary-ver04.pdf

Browse source code

Browse the source code in the repository:

Features to be implemented