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Ya3Dsnap program for 3D structural analysis and design

Last fifteen years of development of program for structural analysis have been fruitful, so that today I have tool that can produce cross section forces on slab/shell structure, along user defined cut line.

What you see on the picture down is bending moment in x direction evaluated in 2x2 Gauss points, on DKQ element, and extrapolated to the cut line, without averaging at interelement boundary.

User interface is written in Java, while for 3D rendering Ya3Dsnap is using VTK library (upper left view). Equation solver is frontal equation solver written in Fortran, and then interfaced with JNI, same as VTK. For meshing Ya3Dsnap is using Gmsh.

All in all, based on such excelent software, Ya3Dsnap has excelent performance and once I finish everything I intend to implement, I will put it here.



Program is equipped with powerful designer of RC cross sections. Implementation of export of reinforcement to AutoCAD is in progress.